Using A Cane To Protect Yourself

Walking canes can be used for many different purposes. The commonest use and the one that comes to the minds of most people when they are thinking of uses of a cane is for increasing/improving mobility. Without use of the cane, simple everyday activities can be quite strenuous. Consider having problems doing activities such as going to a grocery store, walking into a restaurant, going to church, or visiting the grandchildren.

Another popular use for a cane is when going on a trek or hike. Many people will use hiking sticks or walking poles for such activities. The greatest function of these accessories is taking pressure off the muscles and joints. The increased stability they offer provides an excellent work out that improve your health.

Self Defense Walking Cane

Besides the two obvious uses of the cane discussed above are the not so obvious uses of the cane. You can use a cane for self-defense. You can view it as a weapon in many different situations. The elderly are usually prime targets for criminals. These people with limited mobility are easy prey for criminals since they believe that the elderly cannot catch up with them when they flee and that they cannot defend themselves.

To get rid of this problem, cane manufacturers have come up with appropriate measures. The solution is quite simple really. It is to turn regular canes into weapons.

The first example of this was first seen in Casino Royale, which is Ian Fleming’s novel, whereby the villain turned his cane into a shotgun. This extreme measure can cause practical problems if it were to discharge.

A toned down approach to the same idea that is more useful and practical is the mace cane. This is simply a walking cane with a canister of mace built into the handle. Such a weapon turns the victim into the offensive and is great for subduing an attacker long enough for you to call the police.

Electric Cane

Electric Stun CaneA controversial cane type designed for self defense is the electric cane. The electric cane has an in built stun gun. All you have to go is simply flip a switch and the ordinary cane turns into a fully charged stun gun. This stun gun can easily neutralize an attacker regardless of size. This model faced some challenges since if the safety devices were not present; it was quite easy for the user to electrocute himself or herself. The electric cane never caught on in North America and you will primarily find it being sold in the Middle East.

The commonest type of cane for self defense is the regular non weaponized walking cane. People have used these canes to give attackers a good whack that is just enough to send the coward running. People have used them to deliver debilitating blows to attackers that have left them in police custody. Some reports indicate that pedestrians have unarmed those muggers that use knives and guns.

Even though the can is not the first thing that comes to the minds of most people when thinking about useful items for self-defense, it should not be the last. As detailed above, cane modification is possible to help use them to stop criminals from attacking the most vulnerable and ensure that no loss of valuables occur.

In conclusion, self-defense should be one of the most important things on each person’s mind. As we grow older, it gets harder for us to defend ourselves from cowardly attackers. A simple cane can be what gives you the upper hand when confronted by such attackers. Now that you understand how to use a cane for security, it is time to get yourself or a loved one a piece.